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ABC Machinery has been dedicated to the production of complete feed equipment solution experts. We can provide clients with comprehensive consulting services throughout the life cycle of the project to help them realize their vision of development quickly. Our consulting services include: project survey and pre-purchase evaluation, technical consultation, project cost estimate, risk assessment and after-sales follow-up consultation.

feed project consultation

feed project design


We currently have three product research and development centers, and with zhengzhou university, henan university of technology, Taiwan university and so on many domestic colleges and universities to carry out the scientific research cooperation projects to train professional technology research and development team, we will build a leading technology research and development center in China.


Support the overall development plan, the complete plant planning and the construction of the steel structure plant, as well as the general drawing of the steel structure according to the customer's requirements. Company building steel structure factory building with light weight, high strength, short construction period, the seismic performance of strong comprehensive advantages, for customers to shorten the construction period, reduce costs, enhance the comprehensive benefit of project.

feed equipment manufacturing

feed equipment


Independent modern nc machining production center, the international advanced CNC laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, flame cutting machine and other professional production equipment, to ensure that the product fine production. At the same time, our key equipment is equipped with motor, reducer and bearing parts with domestic and foreign first-class brands, aiming to provide customers with the most sophisticated and durable feed equipment.


Once the scheme, we will send professional installation team to the scene, and the installation of the related equipment according to customer's actual situation. The professional installation team gives the client a peace of mind. Since its establishment, the company has successfully built more than 1000 kinds of feed engineering in the world and successfully delivered to customers. We will strive to build a customer satisfaction turnkey project with the shortest installation period.

feed project installation
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