2-4TPH poultry feed mill equipment in Uzbekistan

  • Project Name: poultry feed mill equipment
  • Capacity: 2-4 ton /h (equal to 12,000 -24,000 tons per year)
  • Application: Used to manufacturing feed, animal feed production
  • Install Country: Uzbekistan

It has been more than four months since the customer placed orders, formally installed and debugged the poultry feed mill equipment and the normal operation. We attach great importance to the customer's needs and try our best to help the customer solve the problem. This customer is very satisfied.

Photos of Poultry Feed Mill Plant

The raw materials of the customers include corn, wheat, rice bran, cotton meal and sunflower seed meal, which are grinding - mixing - pelletizing - cooling - screening to finally produce the feed that meets the requirements of the customers.

poultry feed mill equipment in uzbekistan

Photo Gallery of Poultry Feed Mill Equipment Installation Process

poultry feed mill equipment installation

poultry feed mill equipment set up in Uzbekistan

Feed Mill Equipment of Hammer Mill, Mixer and Pellet Cooler

feed mill equipment

Two Different Feed Pellets for Our Uzbekistan Customer

Our Customer and Poultry Feed Mill Equipment Manager

poultry feed mill equipment project manager and client

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