1.5TPH elephant grass plant

  • Project Name: elephant grass plant
  • Capacity: 1.5 ton /h (equal to 12,000 tons per year)
  • Install Country: Philippines
  • Finished Pellet Size:10-30mm, 2-3 meters lengh
  • Moisture: 65-75% after harvest
  • Application: Elephent grass also named napier grass, bana grass, giant king grass...etc. It's a grass processing plant for making biofuel pellets.

It includes main equipment: cutter, squeezing, sundry yard, hammer mill, rotory dryer, pellet mill machine, pellet cooler and packing machine.

Elephant grass is a good as animal feed, soft and juicy, suitable for the mouth, high utilization rate, cattle, horses, sheep, rabbits, ducks, geese, young and tender period is also a good feed for raising pigs and fish. In addition to providing fodder for livestock and poultry at all seasons, hay or silage can also be prepared. It is high nutritional value, protein content and digestibility.

elephant grass

Elephant Grass in Philippines

elephant grass plant in philippines

Elephant Grass Plant Panoramic View

elephant grass cutting and squeezing machine

Elephant Grass Cutting and Squeezing Machine

elephant grass cut and squeez

Elephant Grass Squeez and Cut

elephant grass hammer mill

Elephant grass size from 10-20mm diameter and length 20-300mm length into 2mm diameter and 5-8mm length

elephant grass pellet mill and cooler

Pelleting and Cooling

elephant grass pellet

Elephant Grass Pellet

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