50TPH animal feed manufacturing plant

  • Project Name: animal feed manufacturing plant
  • Capacity: 50 ton /h (equal to 270,000 tons per year)
  • Application: A large capacity animal feed plant build for complete formula feed production.

This 50 ton per day animal feed manufacturing plant produce complete feed contains energy, protein and mineral feed as well as various feed additives. All kinds of nutrients are complete, sufficient in quantity and appropriate in proportion, which can meet the production needs of feeding animals. It can be directly used for feeding.

If you are interested in starting feed production business plan, please contact us and provide you with all the mechanical technical support.

animal feed manufacturing plant

Overview of Animal Feed Plant

animal feed mill machine

Animal Feed Mill Machine

animal feed pellet mill

Animal Feed Pellet Mill

animal feed factory

Animal Feed Plant Factory

feed silo

animal feed manufacturing process

Animal Feed Manufacturing Process

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