2TPH poultry feed mill project

  • Project Name: poultry feed mill project
  • Capacity: 2 ton /h (equal to 12,000 tons per year)
  • Install country: Uganda
  • Application: Best duck food pellets, the production performance of ducks has been greatly improved, and the feed accounts for 60% - 80% of the total cost of the duck production.

Due to the development of modern breeding technology, this 2TPH poultry feed mill project desing for ducks, like other poultry, have their own special points for digestive, and because of the rapid growth of the duck and the high rate of feed conversion, they also have special requirements for feed.

duck feed pellets

Best feed formula for ducks

Meat Duck Laying Duck
Corn 60.7%,
bran 12.8%,
soybean meal 13.2%,
cotton seed cake 3.5%,
rapeseed cake 3.5%,
fishmeal 3.5%,
stone powder 0.4%,
bone powder 1.6%,
salt 0.3%,
premix 1.0%
Fish meal 4%,
soybean meal 17.5%
bran 4.3%,
corn 39.34%,
rice bran powder 4.49%,
additive 10%,
powder 10.5g,
calcium hydrogen phosphate 19.4g,
vitamin 0.2g,

poultry feed mill project

Plant Landscape

poultry feed pellet cooler

Top of Poultry Feed Mill Project

poultry feed mill project install

Poultry Feed Mill Project Inside

poultry feed mill

complete poultry feed mill project

poultry feed mill project flow chart electric control cabinet

poultry feed mill project uganda customer

Customer and Installation Staff

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