10TPH chicken feed plant

  • Project Name: chicken feed plant
  • Capacity: 10 ton /h (equal to 60,000 tons per year)
  • Application: Growing chicken feed making, the feed formula mainly includes corn, bran, soybean cake cottonseed cake, rapeseed cake, fish meal, bone meal, shellfish...etc

The chicken feed is divided into flour kinds according to its shape, granules, mash feed, pellet feed and crumble pellet. Granules is the grain that keeps the original shape or the crushed grain feed after processing.

chicken feed pellet

The following picture is a detailed picture of the whole chicken feed plant, you can trust us to design your own feed plant, we provide a complete set of services according to your needs.

chicken feed plant

chicken feed plant crushing section

Feed Hammer Mill

chicken feed pellet machine

Feed Pellet Mill Machine

chicken feed plant batching

Feed Batching Equipment

chicken feed plant cooling system

Pellet Cooler

chicken feed plant electric control cabinet

Electric Control Cabinet

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