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  • We need to check automatic design, with automatic batching system or other manual batching. I want to propose both the two design to my management, hence require the following
    1. 5 tons per hours capacity
    2. Please include the cost of steel structure and also send the drawing of structure and layout
    3. Installation,commissioning and training : What about required labor and installation equipment like cranes and welding machines.
    4. Layout showing the size need for the line and need a raw materials warehouse and a final product warehouse.
    5. Auxiliary equipment needed for the line. May be electricity main cable and the electric transformer - plz mention type and size?
    Appreciate a compressive turn key project plan. and payment terms and container packing specification.
  • Hi Salim, Glad to get your feedback.
    1.The quotation you asked 5 tons per hour which
    2.It is including the cost of steel structure and the drawing and layout, I would offer you tomorrow.
    3.Instatllation, commissioning and trainning, I would liek to share a document for your reference. Also, what kind of requirements on the labor, installation equipments, I will let you know in soon.
    4.Layout, it would be offer you one by one.
    5.Other information you asked, would offer you very soon.
    BTW, may I know this project would be in Sudan, is that your company make investment? Or Joint-venture?
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