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From Aug. 19th and Sep. 2, a business visit to Indonesia is to visit customers and further understand the current situation and future development trend of Indonesia market. We have visited some customers and many factories, and many are struggling to process waste and cannot recycle it. Our complete solution just solves these problems, which make us realize the biomass pellets making and feed industry have huge potential. We have further discussions and hope to establish a project in Indonesia as soon as possible.

ABC machinery business visit in Indonesian

Feed Industry Market Prospect in Indonesia

According to statistics, Indonesia's animal and aquaculture feed consumption was 13.9 million tons. Animal feed consumption was 12.7 million tons. 45% of the animal feed was broiler feed, 44% was egg-laying feed and 9% was other livestock feed. In addition, fish and shrimp feed reached 1.2 million tons, up 20% year-on-year.

Indonesia feed industry market

Indonesia has developed feed industry, with 10 local feed suppliers, with an annual output of nearly one million tons, nearly 300 other feed processing plants, and 17 foreign feed manufacturers with direct investment in Indonesia. However, local feed production have been unable to meet the market's needs, this is also a positive factor for your business investment.

Indonesia pellet manufacturer client

Business Negotiations with Customers

Indonesia feed business client

Huge Potential Pellets Making in Indonesia

We have seen customers increasingly focused on supply chain solution development in the Asia-pacific region, which indicates that demand levels are likely to rise again. Pellets making as well as biomass import demand is expected to grow significantly, particularly in Japan. Of course, not all of these projects import fuel, and not all of them use sawdust pellets, as agricultural waste (such as palm kernel husks) are also good alternatives. Korea also has room for further growth by increasing pellet import, and then remains stable through 2030, Indonesia which is attractive sources of supply, could expand production capacity by taking advantage of Calliandra and Albasia from fast-growing plantations, the remnants of the timber processing industry, and other leftovers, such as palm plantations.

Indonesia market

Biomass pellets in Indonesia market is divided into three places kalimantan, Sumatra and Java,  these places are mostly wood processing businesses. This process will produce a lot of leftover material, waste..etc, which will promote the biomass pellet production has huge investment potential.

Albasia palm tree fruit making into pellets

If you plan to set up a pellets plant in Indonesia, we offer a complete set of customized solutions from machine selection to plant construction, training, commissioning till production, please contact us NOW!

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