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2018 international Pakistan's poultry expo exhibition will be grandly held at the Lahore international convention and exhibition center in Pakistan from 2018. This exhibition is held annually by the Pakistan poultry association. More than 5,000 corporate and government policy makers from Argentina, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Ireland, Russia, Turkey and the United Kingdom, as well as more than 10,000 spectators and media personalities attended the event. The event will bring together new industry information and cutting-edge industry technology, and provide a professional international trading platform for industry exhibitors and professional buyers.

2018 international pakistan poultry expo

We look forward to your personal visit to the exhibition at out booth. Form 25-30 Sep. we are in Pakistan during this time, and in early October, we will visit customers in Karachi. If you are in a country near Lahore, Karachi or Pakistan and interest to invest in feed production business plan, please contact us and we are very pleased to cooperate with you.

ABC machinery at international poultry expo

  • Date: September 27th ~ 29th, 2018
  • Location: Lahore International Expo Centre, Abdul Haque Rd, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Booth:hall3,174D
  • Tel: +92 331 3009030
  • Contacts: Winnie Wang, Max Zhao

Market analysis of Paskistan Husbandry

As a developing country, agriculture is the pillar industry of Pakistan. 44% of the labor force is in agriculture. Labor costs and transportation costs are relatively low, and there is a 160 million consumer market in China. Pakistan has relatively complete investment regulations to protect foreign investors, especially in agriculture, which the government strongly supports. Raw material processing imports zero tariffs, not local production of agricultural machinery imports zero tariffs. Good market potential and strong support from the government have made Pakistan an international market for businesses from all over the world.

Market analysis of Paskistan Husbandry

China and Pakistan are good neighbours, good friends, good partners and good brothers. China has maintained close communication and cooperation with Pakistan in this regard. We ABC machinery look forward to doing more business with our Pakistani clients. We will be your best choice for feed pellet mill and pant supplier.

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