poultry feed plant

We provide you with poultry feed plant and technology as well as all-round training and service.

Our poultry feed mill technology can bring you first-class quality poultry feed products, to ensure to make full use of raw materials and energy efficiency at the same time, and to reduce the huge operation cost of production. The key to help you stay competitive in the fierce market competition.

poultry feed plant

20-25TPH Poultry Feed Production Plant

Which Animals are Suitable to Build Poultry Feed Plant?

Chicken, duck, pig... etc

chicken, duck and pig poultry

chicken duck and pig poultry feed pellet

Raw materials can be used for poultry feed mill

  • Energy feed: corn/maize flour, barley flour, wheat bran, rice bran, cassava flour... etc
  • Protein feed: oil cake, fish meal, blood meal... etc
  • Premix: vitamin, microelement, amino acid, antioxidant... etc

Feed particle size recommendation

Chicken Feed Pig Feed
chicken: ≤4mm
spent chicken: ≤6mm
broiler chicken: <1.2mm
piggy: <1.0mm
fattening pig: <2.0mm
sow: ≤2.5mm

Poultry feed mill technological process

poultry feed mill technological process

For a long time, we have always adhered to the forward concept of "safe feed, safe food" and integrated it into products and engineering. Customized according to customer demand, we can fully satisfy the customer With different animals production requirements, and meet the most stringent hygiene standards, providing animals with green, clean and hygienic safety of feed.

  • How to Start A Poultry Feed Mill in Nigeria?
  • For one to start a poultry feed mill in Nigeria, you will require: land, machinery and equipment, raw materials, man power, production mode, marketing.
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