livestock feed plant

We have the world advanced cattle and sheep and other ruminant animal livestock feed plant technology. According to the unique digestive physiological characteristics and feed nutrition requirements of ruminants, cattle and sheep feed is very different from pig and poultry feed in feed formulation and feed preparation. We can customize the most suitable processing technology and equipment according to your cattle feed plant.

livestock feed plant

5TPH Cattle Feed Manufacturing Plant

Which Animal are Suitable for Set up Livestock Feed Plant?

camel, deer, giraffe, alpaca, antelope, cattle, sheep...etc

livestock feed animals

cattle sheep livestock feed pellet

Animal livestock feed production raw material includes

  • Energy feed: corn/maize flour, barley flour, wheat bran, rice bran, cassava flour...etc
  • Protein feed: oil cake, fish meal, blood meal...etc
  • Premix: vitamin, microelement, amino acid, antioxidant 
  • Constant element feed: fish meal, meat and bone meal, blood meal, silkworm pupa meal...etc
  • Other animal feed: salt, stone powder, calcium carbonate, bone powder, oyster powder
  • Plant feedstuff: greenfeed, succulent feed, coarse fodder, hay, straw, etc processed by-product feed, ran, oil cake...etc
  • Additives feed: copper sulfate, iron sulfate, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, sodium selenite, cobalt sulfate...etc

Feed particle size recommendation

Cattle Feed Sheep Feed Horse Feed
calf: <1.0mm
adult cattle: ≤2.0mm
≤1.5mm 2-4mm

Livestock feed production process

livestock feed production process

ABC machinery excellent feed processing equipment can provide you more efficient and reliable production contains the patent technology of processed products for maximum reduce the contamination and cross contamination in the production, and realize the traceability of the whole production process.

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