grass pellet plant

The production of grass pellet plant is beneficial to storage and transportation. It’s usually feeding cattle, sheep and other ruminants. The protein of grass feed is high, which can reduce the amount of concentrated feed to a certain extent.

alfalfa pellet plant

Common raw materials to make grass pellet

Straw, hey, leaves, alfalfa...etc

grass straw alfalfa pellet

grass alfalfa hay straw pellet

Processing Technology of Grass Pellet Mill

alfalfa pellet making process

The key technology of processing grass pellet is to adjust the water content of raw materials. According to the data, the optimal moisture content of leguminous forage is 14% ~ 16%; gramineous forage is 13% ~ 15%.

Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the pellets coming out of the mesh is around 80 ℃, from the high temperature cooling to room temperature, water content generally reduce 3% ~ 5%, so the cooled grass pellet water content less than 11% ~ 13%. It is suitable for long-term storage.

The grass pellet making can be prepared according to the nutritional requirements of various livestock and poultry, and it can be made into grass granules with different nutrients. Its particle size can adjust the pellet mill, according to the request processing.

  • What factors influence pelleting?
  • Raw materials (source of raw materials, ingredients, types, binder, material density, particle size...etc)
  • Effect of feed formula composition, water, temperature.
  • Influence of pellet mill roll and press die.
  • Technical proficiency and management of operators.
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