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Counterflow pellet cooler is the most advanced pellet feed cooling technology in the world, and the research and development of a new generation cooling equipment is mainly used for the cooling of high-temperature pellets in feed production plant.

pellet cooler
Model Capacity(t/h) Power(KW) Cooling time(min) Temperature of material after cooling Volume(m3)
SKLN14×14 3 0.75+0.37 6-10 Not higher than indoor temperature +3-5℃ 1.5
SKLN17×17 5 0.75+0.55 2.5
SKLN20×20 10 1.5+0.55 4
SKLN24×24 20 1.5+0.55 8
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Working Principle of Counterflow Pellet Cooler

Counter-flow Pellet Cooler

The material is added from the higher end, the carrier is discharged from the low end, and the material is connected to the upstream, and the carrier and the material are also loaded into the cylinder. The rotating material of the cylinder is operated to the lower end by gravity. When the wet material is moving forward in the tube, it is directly or indirectly obtained the heat of the heat transfer body, so that the hot material can be cooled, and then sent out by the belt conveyor or the spiral conveyor at the discharging end.

pellet cooler in feed plant
  • Why a pellet cooler needed?
  • The pellet cooler has a unique mechanism of cooling, cooling air and high temperature and humidity material reverse motion, make the material gradually cool top to bottom.
  • Avoids for quenching cracking caused by material surface, the moisture in the pellet core evaporates easily, cooling effect is superior to the existing domestic similar products.
  • After cooling of the material temperature is not higher than the outside temperature + 5 ℃, precipitation rate of not less than 3.8%, it plays a good role in the production high quality pellet feed, prolonged storage of grain feed, improve the economic benefit.
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