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The high efficiency double-layer feed mixer machine is a mechanical device which combines two or more materials with mechanical force and gravity. In the process of mixing, the surface area of material contact can be increased to promote chemical reaction. It also speeds up physical change, can be used for cattle, cow chicken etc poultry, livestock feed...etc mash feed plant build.

feed mixer machine
Model Capacity(m3) Mix capacity (kg/batch) Power(KW)
SJHS1A 1 500 11/15
SJHS2A 2 1000 18.5/22
SJHS4A 4 2000 37/45
SJHS6A 6 3000 55
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Best Mixer Machine For Cattle/ Cow/ Chicken Feed

mixer machine for cattle cow chicken feed

Our feed mixer for sale's main structure consists of the body, the mixing drum, and the rotor mounted on the rotating shaft and rotating shaft in the mixing barrel. The two layers of rotor blades also enhance the mutual diffusion, impact mixing of the materials, so as to quickly achieve the mixing uniformity and improve the mixing efficiency.

Features of feed mixer for sale

  • International patent double-layer rotor design, the inner and outer blade double layer design enhances the material convection, shear, mixing, mixing uniformity up to 97.7%.
  • The blade and the shell are adjusted to the best clearance, ensuring that the residual rate is extremely low, preventing the cross-contamination of the material, leaving the material door open, and the material is instantly emptied, leaving no residue.
  • The material door rubber bag is sealed to ensure that the material is not leaking, and the shaft end is sealed with special designed packing to ensure no leakage.
  • Large access door, reasonable design, convenient cleaning and maintenance, save time.
  • What's your raw material?
  • Grain powder/meal, hay/grass powder,fish bone or other raw material.
  • What's the capacity of feed mixer you required?
  • 120kg/batch, 250kg/batch, 500kg/batch, 1000kg/batch...
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