auxiliary equipment

Usually a pellet feed plant has clear division of work, feed plant machinery generally include material receiving, crushing, granulating, cooling, packaging etc, and other auxiliary feed processing equipment such as feed extruder, pellet crumbler, grease adding machine.

feed extruder Feed extruder is a kind of extruder machine, which is mainly used for food, animal livestock feed or single raw material extrusion, and also can be used as raw material pretreatment in vegetable oil and wine production.
pellet crumbler Pellet crumbler can be used for the crushing of raw materials. Different animals have different requirements on the size of the granules. Roller pellet crumbler is a special equipment that breaks large particles into small particles.
grease adding machine Grease adding machine under the control of the flow meter or weighing instrument, the quantitative grease through pipes to the nozzle in the mixer, atomized spray into the mixer, and mix feed. It can also add honey, water...etc.

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