feed plant machinery

A complete feed production factory includes all kinds of feed plant machinery from cleaning to packaging, such as cleaning machine, hammer mill, mixer, animal feed machine, pellet mill, pellet packaging machine...feed extruder, pellet crumbler and grease adding machine other auxiliary equipment. In the whole feed production, various types of equipment should be reasonably arranged according to actual needs, so that each equipment can fully play its due production capacity. The correct use and maintenance of equipment at the same time can make production in order. As the key equipment in production, the use and maintenance of ring die pellet mill is particularly important.

How does the feed plant machinery work?

feed plant machinery

Other auxiliary feed plant machines in factory

  • Feed extruder: It is mainly used for the feed production for fish, shrimp and pet food.
  • Pellet crumbler: It is widely used in the crushing of livestock and poultry pellets.
  • Grease adding machine: Adding oil, honey, water... liquid materials.


Our series of feed plant machinery complete works cover all provinces, cities and autonomous regions of China, covering more than 80 countries and regions in southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Oceania and South America, both at home and abroad has completed nearly 3000 whole plant project, involving complete sets of feed machinery, cattle and sheep feed factory, poultry and livestock breeding project...etc. After years of research and development, we have become a leading enterprise in domestic feed machinery industry.

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