mobile pellet plant

  • Raw material: Grass: size: 6mm, Moisture: 12%, volume-weight: ≥0.15T/m³
  • Raw material mixed: Moisture: 20%, volume-weight: ≥0.15T/ m³
  • Capacity: 0.8-1T/H grass pellet production line
  • Finished product indicators: Pellet diameter 8mm, moisture ≤13%
  • Fineness of pulverization: 6mm
  • Mixing uniformity: CV≤5 %
  • Automatic weighing accuracy: static accuracy≤1 ‰F.S, dynamic accuracy≤6 ‰F.S
Complete Mobile Feed Mill Plant
Complete mobile feed mill plant

This mobile pellet plant is installed inside a mobile van. The van size is 9.6×2.5×4.2 m. The process design concept is security, waterproof, ventilation, beautiful, low energy consumption, stable production. Rational layout, strong adaptability, easy maintenance. Since the grass material Liquidity is poor. Some parts of the line choose special design to make the whole line operate stable.

mobile grass pellet plant

The Composition System of Mobile Pellet Plant

  • Crushed grass received system: The grass is collect artificially and will put into the grass crusher. The crushed material will convey to mixer under the function of fan and wind net. There is the warning on electrical control system that can prompt workers stop feeding. 
  • Raw material receiving and mixed system: The mixer use the belt conveyor with 500kg/p. The Material density is ≥0.15T/m³.And the mixer volume should be 3.3 CBM. So we choose the 4 CBM mixer. It will takes 30 minutes to finish the feeding, mixing and out loading. The mixer capacity is 1t/h.
  • Pellet and packing system: The mixed material goes into the large angle elevator and arrive pending pellet silo. The 4 CBM pellet silo capacity can assure both mixer and pellet machine work continuously.
  • Electrical control part: The electrical control part is centralized control. Consider the power use generator set, the ordinary start will impact the machine voltage. There are separate electrical cabinet on crusher, mixer and pellet machine which make the machine humanism operation interface.

The line can be installed on the mobile van, and the place has no explosion-proof requirements. The bag dust remover can remove the dust. All the machines are equipped with the damping device. The box structure is with natural ventilation, natural lighting. The whole like keeps maximum space to maintenance.

  • What else can the mobile pellet plant used for?
  • It is a small mobile feed plant, and can be produced for general poultry, livestock ruminant animal feed, such as chickens, cows and sheep...etc

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