mash feed plant

Mash feed plant manufacturing a kind of compound feed which is mixed by proportion after crushing the various raw material. It is different from pellet feed, crumble feed, liquid feed, etc., it’s the main type of chicken feed plant because of the simple feed making process and low cost.

Mash feed are widely used

mash feed application

Farmers according to the required nutrition level and protein content, the feedstuff add the energy feed such as corn flour, barley flour, bran and rice bran according to the required nutrition level can be prepared into compound feed.

Two different types of mash feed plant for your choice

You can choose the most suitable plant according to your production capacity, personnel, or inform us of the current situation. We will recommend the most suitable plant for you.

3-5TPH Layer Chicken Feed Plant (MANUAL)
layer chicken feed plant
5-10TPH Medium-large Size Premix Feed Plant (AUTOMATIC)
medium-large size premix feed plant

Flexibility and reasonable, the whole plant is made up of raw material receiving, cleaning, crushing, mixing and automatic packing .
Main equipment: elevator, permanent magnetic drum, crusher and feeding machine.

Mash feed plant production process

mash feed plant process

In a mash feed plant, all kinds of raw materials go into raw materials warehouse after crushing and carried out in accordance with the formula is controlled in the automatic control on the raw material ingredient. at the same time put in premix, finally in the feed mixer for mixing, mixing time according to the size of capacity of mixer, and the actual situation of the feed production to determine, regularly test mixing uniformity, in order to adjust the mixing time. The mixed feed will be transferred into the mash feed warehouse, sealed and shipped into the finished product warehouse.

mash feed or pellet feed

  • Mash feed or pellet feed?
  • Mash feed: the nutrient content of and animal feeding are more uniform, the quality is stable, and the feeding is convenient, safe and reliable. But it is easy to cause animals picky eater and waste.
  • Pellet feed: its density is large, small size, improve the palatability, and guarantee the high quality of feed. Particularly useful for meat animals and poultry, fish.
  • I have question, there is no grain in your raw materials? Why?
  • Raw material is cake /meal of groundnut, sunflower seeds, sesame, cotton seed, wheat bran and maize bran.
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