feed pellet plant

The feed plant building is basically steel structure and floor structure. If you are going to set up animal feed pellet production plant with capacity of 1~1,000,000 tons, ABC Machinery provides you BEST pellet mill solutions and lowest cost. We offer factory layout, process design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning, electrical control and operation training, technical formula one-stop service.

Why feed pellet plant?

  • Can avoid animal picky, comprehensive nutrition.
  • Pellets feed has high rate of return.
  • Storage and transport are more economical.
  • Good liquidity, facilitate management.
  • Avoid automatic feed ingredients classification, reducing environmental pollution.
  • Eliminate salmonella in animal feed.
various kinds of feed pellets

Manual Feed Pellet Plant For < 5 t/h Production

It is dosing first crushing second technology. firstly, dosing all kinds of materials by manual work. then, putting through feeder input. and after cleaning, crushing, mixing, making pellets, cooling and sieving, the pellets are done. Its labour intensity is high.

small feed pellet production line

Automatic Feed Pellet Plant For > 5 t/h Production

It equips with many dosing room, different raw materials input from the same inlet. And after cleaning and crushing it into the dosing room through distributor. Then the PLC control is controlled by the preset formula and the various raw materials are fed into the ingredients according to proportion. The pellets are done after the process of cleaning, crushing, mixing, cooling and sieving...etc.

automatic feed pellet mill

What a complete feed production process include?

feed production process

In general, the production of feed process should go through the above steps and slightly change the process according to the characteristics of raw materials and the requirements of finished products.The commonly used technology in domestic animal feed production is crushing after mixing.

  • Main differences between manual and automatic feed pellet plant?
  • Manual feed production need workers in accordance with the requirements of the feed formulation for all raw materials weighing before manufacturing, respectively put in different feeding hole.
  • Automatic feed pellet plant do not need artificial weighing, it is controlled by PLC program. Under the function of sensors and weighing instruments, the production process of measurement, batching and mixing is automatically controlled.

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