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Feed is the general term for the food of all animals, is generally referred to as the food of animals raised in agriculture or animal husbandry. Feed raw materials includes soybean, soybean meal, corn, fish meal, amino acid, miscellaneous meal, whey powder, oil, meat bone meal, grain, feed additive...etc more than 10 kinds.

Classification of feed composition

Classification of feed composition
  • Premix: It mixes feed with addiction. It is made of vitamin, mineral substance and carrier and it also need to add energy feed materials and protein, which is the core of a plant.
  • Concentrate feed: It is consist of premix and protein feed materials. the protein materials mainly are bean waste, vegetable waste, cotton waste, feather waste and fish powder...etc.
  • Complete formula feed: It is composed of premix, protein feed and energy feed, which is processed by crushing, mixing and granulation.
Complete feed manufacturing plant from 5-1000,000T
animal feed manufacturing plant

Mian process of feed plant manufacturing process

  • Raw material receiving: Remove impurities from the original grain. Its significance is to ensure the quality of the product, and the second is to ensure that the hammer mill works properly.
  • Crushing: According to the feed formulation, the raw material is crushed to a certain degree of fineness, and then transported to the next section.
  • Mixing: According to the requirements of the feed formula, the PLC program can be controlled accurately, and the warehouse, weighing and mixing process can be completed in the shortest time.
  • Pelleting: Produce qualified feed pellets according to the factory production target.
  • Packing: Adopt advanced PLC controlling system and technology, which can automatically accomplish weighing, filling, sealing, cutting...quantitative packaging.

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