What Is the Cost of a Poultry Feed Mill?

Poultry feed is a specialized animal feed for farm poultry, including chickens, ducks, geese and other domestic birds. It consists of grain in various forms (including wheat, corn and other grains). Poultry feed may also include vitamins to help balance the diet.

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There are different kinds of poultry feed in the market. By the physical form of animal feed, the most common types of poultry feed are:

making poultry feed for chicks, broilers, breeders, layers.
Choose Right Poultry Feed for Chicks, Broilers, Layers and Breeders

  • Powdered Feed: suitable for all physiological stages of laying hens and also great for broiler and breeders.
  • Pellet Feed: mostly for broiler chickens, but pellet feed is easy to cause overfeeding and overfattening in breeders. In breeding period of layers and broilers, pellet feed is also easy to cause only is uneven feeding and pecking fetishes.
  • Crushed Pellet Feed: commonly for chicks.

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Poultry/Chicken Feed Mill Setting Up: Cost & Design & Equipment & Process

Poultry feed manufacturing processes are closely related to investment capital for a complete poultry feed mill plant, energy consumption, animal feed mill equipment maintenances, etc. A poultry feed mill plant offers a comprehensive solution for grinding and proportioning feed for a variety of chickens, premixes, and powders. Complete poultry feed mill plant designed by ABC Machinery is efficient and cost-effective, providing a reliable source of nutrition for poultry. The feed mill plant also ensures uniformity of the feed, ensuring that the animals receive the nutrients they need. Additionally, the feed mill plant ensures safety and hygiene, providing a safe and healthy environment for the animals. (Related post: Animal Feed Manufacturing Plant Cost >>)

poultry mill plant design for business
Commercial Design of Animal Feed Plant for Poultry

  • Capacity: 500~1000KG/H;       Cost: $12,000 and above;
  • Capcity: 1~60TON/H;           Cost: $42,500 and above;
  • Remark: please note above listed price is just for references, for the exact cost to set up a complete poultry feed mill, just contact our engineers to get professional quotation and equpment list!

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Mini/Small Poultry Feed Mill for Sales

For small scale poultry feed processing plants, it is better to choose simple feed production process flow and simple poultry feed making machines. For regions where the livestock industry is not intensive and in large-scale, mini or small feed mill plant is an ideal choice to invest in due to its less investment cost and flexiable production. In addition, small chicken feed milling machines are also preferred for rural free-range households or small-scale feed milling business. In the market, hot sale small poultry feed mill plant is about 0.3T / H ~ 2T / H. 

small poultry feed pellet mill for sales
Small Poultry Feed Milling Plant at Factory Price

Complete Poultry Feed Mill Plant – Turnkey Project Supplier

For large scale or industrial scale poultry feed mill plant, with capacity 10T/H or above, it is a feed manufacturing system designed and equipment with the most suitable poultry feed mill machines. It often has the full feed production process, including raw materials receiving and cleaning, crushing, batching and mixing, pelletizing, packaging, dust removal and more

complete poultry feed processing plant at low cost
Setting Up Complete Poultry Feed Processing Plant

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Your Reliable Poultry Feed Mill Business Supplier – ABC Machinery

With years of experience in the industry, ABC Machinery has established a reputation for providing premium quality animal feed processing machine and services for those who are interested in setting up animal feed mill plant for business purpose. (Read more: Business Plan for Animal Feed Production >>)

factory price small chicken feed making machine for sale
Factory Price Chicken Feed Pellet Machine
large poultry feed processing machine at factory price
Wholesale Price Commercial Feee Pellet Machines

Animal Feed Processing Plant Projects by ABC Machinery

Countries Projects
Philippines 1.5TPH Elephant Grass Pellet Plant
Uganda 2TPH Poultry Feed Mill Plant
Uzbekistan 2~4TPH Poultry Feed Processing Plant
Mali 3~5TPH Cattle Feed Production Line
More ........

For over a decade, we have been providing expertise and services in the sales and design of animal feed plant projects, from small scale to large scale industrial/commercial scale, capacity from 0.5TPH ~ 60TPH, for various animals, such as poultry, pig, cattle, fish, etc. Our experience extends to clients in countries all over the world. We strive to provide the BEST feed mill solutions and enable our customers to achieve success in their feed milling business. 

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