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As we all known, the demand for poultry products such as chicken and eggs continues to rise, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. As a result, there is a growing need for poultry feed to support the increasing production of poultry. Therefore, starting a poultry feed production business can be an attractive opportunity for those looking to enter or expand in animal feed production industry. (Read more: Poultry Feed Mill Setup Cost for Business >>)

how to control and reduce poultry feed manufacturing plant cost
Maximizing Profits by Reducing Cost in Poultry Feed Plant - ABC Machinery

By carefully assessing global or local animal feed market demand, choose suitable animal feed production business plan, and focusing on producing high quality feed for breeders, broilers or layers, setting up a successful and profitable poultry feed manufacturing business would be easy and simple.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Measures to Reduce Cost on Poultry Feed Production for More Profits

Just like any businesses, reducing costs is a key factor to make profits, which is the same with poultry feed manufacturing. As a professional poultry feed making machine supplier, ABC Machinery has helped our customers to set up lots of poultry feed mill plant around the world, and we have rich and practical experiences on how to reduce the cost of poultry feed production plants and we are happy to share with you, hoping it provides you more ideas about how to run a poultry feed manufacturing plant sucessfully.

Small Scale Poultry Feed Production Line - 500~1000KG/H

factory price buy small scale poultry feed production plant
1000KG/H Small Poultry Feed Pellet Mill Plant for Sales

Commercial Automatic Poultry Feed Manufacturing Plant - 1~100TPH

commercial automatic poultry feed manufacturing plant
2~5TPH Complete Poultry Feed Mill Plant at Low Cost

inquire about the price and cost

  • Source Raw Materials for Poultry Feed Production at Lowest Cost: One major cost in poultry feed production is the raw materials, such as corn/maize, oilcake, soybeans, bran, etc. To reduce cost, it is important to source raw materials at the lowest cost possible, which may involve negotiating better prices with suppliers, finding alternative suppliers, purchasing in bulk, or setting up your animal feed mill plant in places where has rich and cheap raw materials for poultry feed making. 
  • Optimize Feed Formulation: Optimizing feed formulations is also important to reduce costs while maintaining the nutritional value of the feed. If possible, try to find more favorable ingredients that is cheap and also can provide nutritional values. (Related post: Formula for Making Broiler Feed >>)
  • Reduce Waste: Waste can increase costs in poultry feed production. To reduce waste, it is important to carefully measure and mix the ingredients to minimize losses during production. Also, ensuring proper storage and handling of raw materials and finished feed can reduce spoilage and waste.
  • Efficient or Automated Feed Production Process: A streamlined poultry feed manufacturing process can help to reduce costs by reducing labor, energy, and other animal feed production related costs. Automating certain processes, such as, crushing, mixing, pelletizing or packaging, can help to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs. Generally, automated poultry feed machine can greatly improve the efficiency of poultry feed production process.  
  • Implement Effective Inventory Management: Effective inventory management is important step to reduce the cost in any animal feed pellet mill plant, which can reduce the cost of carrying excess inventory and minimize the risk of stockouts. 
  • Monitor and Analyze Production Costs: It is highly recommended to regularly monitor and analyze every poultry feed production process costs to identify areas where cost savings can be made. It can start from analyzing production processes, ingredient costs, labor costs, and other factors that contribute to the cost of production.

how poultry feed is made?
Complete Poultry Feed Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

Above just list some important and enforceable measures that can be taken to reduce cost in a poultry feed manufacturing plant while ensuring the quality of final produced poultry feed. If you want to know more about, just contact our engineers to get more details measures and tips.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Where to Start Your Poultry Feed Manufacturing Business?

Before starting your own poultry feed manufacturing business, it is necessary to make market research to assess whether is profitable to set up a complete poultry feed plant in your regions or countries. In most cases, there are some factors you can take into consideration, like market demand, regulatory environment, availability of raw materials, competition, and more, so that you can analyse the feasibility of poultry feed making business.

starting poultry feed manufacturing business
Global Poultry Feed Market Demand - Good Investing Opportunity in Poultry Feed Manufacturing

Here we listed some potential countries to start a poultry feed manufacturing business and reasons why choose to set up poultry feed mill plant in these places. 

  • Brazil: global top poultry producer and exporter; rich soybeans materials; 
  • India: global chicken producer; rich raw materials for poultry feed making, like maize, soybean, rice bran, etc.
  • China: large eggs and poultry meat consumer; rich raw materials for poultry feed making, like soybeans and corn;
  • United States: rich raw materials for poultry feed production; requires high quality poultry feed;
  • Nigeria: poultry industry is expanding rapidly; government supports; cheap and rich raw materials; (Related post: How to Start Poultry Feed Business in Nigeria >>)
  • Mexico: mainly target the market of United States; demand for poultry goods is on the rise; 
  • Indonesia/Thailand/Vietnam/Bangladesh: fast growing poultry market; rich souces for poultry feed making, like cassava, rice bran, maize, etc;

Surely, there are more potential countries that is suitable to invest poultry feed manufacturing business, like Argentina, Turkey, Iran, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Philippines, Malaysia, Colombia, etc. If you are interested in getting complete poultry feed manufacturing plant project reports in these places, just contact us any time!

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