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A poultry feed making machine is known for making food for poultries in the farm include ducks, geese, chicken and many other domestic birds. The type of feed to be processed by the machine always depend on the age, the weight, and the season of the existence of the bird. The increased rate of poultry farming has led to the intense use of the poultry feed making machine to minimize every cost that may be incurred from buying food directly from the company.

Purpose of Poultry Feed Making Machine

poultry feed making machine

  • Grinding: it is used to grind ingredient of feeds into powdered form thus making it easier and faster for the poultries to eat hence increase in their production.
  • Mixing: The poultry feed making machine can as well be used to mix feed of different ingredients evenly thus helps in feeding the poultry with food that contains different nutritious ingredients.
  • Pelleting : it can also convert the powdered food into pellets form thus creating efficiency in feeding the poultry which will accelerate the rate of production.

Performance of Poultry Feed Making Machine

poultry feed pellet making machine Commpression ratio i=d/h:
poultry feed 1:8 - 1:12.5

Animal pellet feed:
⌀2.0-2.5mm pellet, equiped ⌀ 1.2-1.5mm screen hammer mill
⌀3.0-3.5mm pellet, equiped ⌀ 2.0-2.5mm screen hammer mill
⌀4.0-5.0mm pellet, equiped ⌀ 2.5-3.0mm screen hammer mill
⌀6.0-8.0mm pellet, equiped ⌀ 4.0-5.0mm screen hammer mill
  1. The machine is driven by an eclectic motor hence making it convenient and friendly in terms of environment.
  2. While pelleting you need not add water to the powdered ingredients.
  3. The machine can be fixed with pellet mill die to produce pellets of different diameters.
  4. The machine is controlled by the huge amount of temperature and pressure thus killing the parasitic ovum and pathogens which may lead to problems in the digestive systems of the poultry.
  5. The machine can serve for a long period of time thus lowering the cost in the feed consumption of the poultries.

Advantages of Poultry Feed Making Machine

  • The machine occupies less storage space per unit area.
  • The poultry feed making machine helps in conversion of feeds into either powdered or pellets form.
  • The machine also helps in killing the pathogens that may poison in the digestion of food due to the high pressure and temperature it uses in making the feeds.
  • Helps in reducing the cost of buying the processed feeds. The machine can prepare feed from different ingredients thus minimizing the cost.
  • The machine mixes the ingredients uniformly thus making the poultries not to choose some ingredients and ends up leaving the rest.

Having all the above information you should hurry and purchase one of the best poultry feed making machine to minimize the costs in poultry farming and maximize the profits from the farming. The machine is durable and can serve many purposes like grinding, mixing of ingredients, and can also be used to make feed in pellets form. For both the small and large poultry farmers should go for this machine due to the very many advantages with these machines. All the best as you look forward to purchasing one.

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