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Feed industry in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the most highly populated countries in Africa and according to statistics in 2013, there was high number of poultry production in Nigeria which in turn lead to more production in poultry meat and eggs. Analyst have projected an annual growth of about 20 percent in the poultry business in Nigeria. All this factors have been credited to the rapid population growth and the densely populated Nigeria. The establishment of more poultry farms has to to an increase in poultry feed. Poultry feed are needed for ideal egg and meat production. Recently however, there has been a continuous rise in price of feeds despite local production.

  Management Population (millions) Feed production
Traditional Commercial   Tonnes Percent %
Poultry 72.79 27.21 155.28 2,591,732 68.20
Pig 91.11 8.89 7.91 1,084,214 28.53
Rabbits 98.50 1.50 2.23 88,509 2.33
Fish 81.36 18.64 - 35,570 0.94
TOTAL 3,800,025 100.00

Poultry Feed Mill in Nigeria

poultry feed mill in Nigeria

For one to start a poultry feed mill in Nigeria, you will require: land, machinery and equipment, raw materials, man power, production mode, marketing.

  • Land: When acquiring land, size is a factor. The minimum size of land recommended is at least half a plot. Size is a factor to ensure that after erection of structure there is enough space left to serve consumers and for packing.
  • EquipmentFeed plant machinery are essential for the day to day running of the plant. The most important equipment include: hammer mill, feed mixer, pellet mill machine, cooler and packing machine...etc which are needed for a successful operation.
  • Manpower: In Nigeria, there is limited experienced workers in the feed processing industry and therefor hiring professionals will cost you a great deal. 
  • Packing: If you are running your poultry feed mill with the aim of selling your produce, then you are acquire your own packing back that is unique and that will be able to sell your brand name in your own fitting and differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Distribution and Marketing: Marketing is the most important part of any business. For a business to be successful, one one must a good market plan. First of all you can produce quality feed and at a competitive price with your competitors. You can also reach out to poultry keepers within your environs and let them know of your produce and its value. The best part is that all this equipment is produced right here in Nigeria.

Feed mill is one of the recently flourishing business in Nigeria. Increase in population leads to an increase in demand of poultry commodities. This implies that anybody can decide to venture into this feed business. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

  • I am writing to enquire about the poultry feed processing line. Can you kindly send us your best price for the 1T /H and the 1 - 2 Ts per hour. We are interested in installing the production line to cater for our farm's needs.
  • Thanks for your enquiry. This is Fanny from ABC machinery, glad to help you. please let me know your contact number for a better communication?
    By the way, we will go to the TANZANIA INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR 2018 (2th of July to 8th of July), our booth number is No.54. Welcome to visit us.
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