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Pellets are the most popular food for animals, be it goats, sheep, rabbits...etc. The difference, however, comes in during the manufacture and processing. That is why a particular category of pellets may be suitable for a specific animal and not for another. This article aims to analyse how to get manufactured from the various raw materials into a finished element, beneficial to sheep. The focus specifically shall be the manufacture of pellets using a ring die pellet mill.

A pellet mill machine difference between this type of equipment and grinding mills is that whereas grinding mills break large masses of material into smaller ones, the pellet mill creates a uniform mass from small materials. The machine is the most effective in the production of pellets, and that is one of the reasons it is so popular.

sheep feed pellet

How to Make Pellets for Sheep

The machine has a die with a small hole in it. It also has a central shaft which is driven by a certain gear contained within. There is also a roller that is in constant contact with the die which results in friction that generates temperatures as high as 80 degrees. The combination of the press roll and high temperatures results in high quality moulded pellets as the raw materials move from the hole in the die to the outlet on the other side. There are knife slots as well which serve the role of regulating the length of the pellets. When the knife’s position is adjusted, the length of the pellet is also modified, and this enables the producer to meet all kinds of demand.

The procedure for making pellets is known as the Pelletizing system, and it entails different machines. There is the Pellet Mill which we are studying, and then there is the Hammer Mill as well as the mixer and cooler. Before materials get introduced into the Pellet Mill, there is a sieve which is used to single out impurities and things such as stones, wood and metal which could harm the machine. The remaining mixture, also known as feedstock is then passed into the feeder which is a screw-like object with several variations which receive the feedstock via gravity.

Gravitational force gets used because it provides an even and constant supply of feedstock which enables the machine to work at a constant speed. If the speed varies, the result is an inferior product of different sizes and conditions. The smooth mash is then passed into the pellet die chamber to get pressed by rollers and then get passed into the holes in the circular die. There are knives located just outside the die that cut the pellets into the desired length. The final product is both even and edible for sheep and goats and can thus be fed to one’s livestock, or get sold for a profit.

Benefits of Feeding Sheep Pellets

The pellet feed machine can not only save labor and improve work efficiency, but also promote the growth and development of sheep and increase the benefit of raising sheep.

  • 1. Labor saving. And after feeding pellet material, because save batching time, raise labor efficiency.
  • 2. Save feed. After feeding pellet feed, sheep can not be picky, improve feed utilization.
  • 3. Palatability is good. Feed after processing can increase fragrance, stimulate goat appetite, increase intake, improve feed digestibility.
  • 4. Promote the growth and development of sheep. Due to the processing of granule smooth surface, high hardness, deep and ripe, sheep like to eat, chew fully, digestion and high utilization rate.
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