feed machinery and equipment selection principles

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The mixed mash feed can be granulated to improve nutrition and food quality. Granulation ie. pelleting making is not only suitable for animal feed, but also for aquaculture and special feed. Due to the variety and composition of feed raw materials and the different size of finished products, there are also different requirements on the performance and structural parameters of feed machinery and equipment.

In the granulation process, the machinery and equipment is usually equipped with hammer mill, feed pellet mill, cooler and grading…etc. The selection principles are as follows:

feed machinery and equipment

How to Choose Feed Pellet Mill

As the working principle of ring die pellet mill is basically the same, the evaluation of its performance during the selection is mainly considered from the aspects of structural design rationality, easy operation, selection of structural parameters, processing means, manufacturing level, parts selection, purchase channels and control functions.

Pellet Cooler Selection

Pellet cooler is to keep better storage performance after granulation. The recently emerged counter-flow cooler is a more reasonable type of cooling principle, because the flow heat exchange system is the most perfect and reasonable.

Why A Pellet Crumbler Need?

It can save power consumption and increase the digestibility of livestock and poultry. Attention must be paid to the inlet size of the pellet crumbler, to be completely consistent with the cooler outlet, otherwise will increase the powder yield

Grading Screen Function

In order to ensure that the pellets have pure small particles, the feeding effect is best. Rotary vibrating screen is one of the common equipment because of its long distance from screen surface.

The curing process is designed to improve the gelatinization degree of the feed, improve the water-resistance of the pellet feed, and also improve the granulation performance and edible quality.

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