formula for making broiler feed

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Broilers are the most common poultry raised by humans, the formula for making broiler feed chickens must contain high energy and protein, and add vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a moderate amount. It is better to use different complete formula feed at different growth stages of broiler chickens.

Best Formula for Making Broiler Feed

formula for making broiler feed

  • Continuously optimized varieties

The rapid growth of broiler is mainly due to the continuous optimization and improvement of chicken species. Many breeding companies and scientific research institutions at home and abroad have been engaged in the research and breeding of broiler varieties for a long time, and have continuously cultivated new breeds with good characteristics, such as large size and fast growth.

  • Scientific feed formula

From chicks to chickens, broilers have different nutritional needs at different stages of growth and development. According to the characteristics and nutritional requirements of each growth stage of broiler chickens, modern breeding technology scientifically matches corn, soybean meal, oil, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other raw materials, providing a scientific feed formula suitable for each stage, so as to provide material basis for the healthy and rapid growth of broiler chickens.

  • Standardized chicken farm facilities

The broiler feed plant is a fully enclosed environment with automatic temperature and humidity control and 24-hour ventilation system. Automatic water supply and feeding provide a stable and comfortable environment for the growth of chickens

  • Scientific breeding and management

the establish of lighting, feeding, water supply, ventilation and other procedures in accordance with the growth rules of broiler chickens, as well as the phased feeding according to the growth rules of chicken flocks, ensure the rapid and healthy growth of broiler chickens.

broiler chicken feed plant

The nutritional value of broiler chickens

The edible portion is 34%, 74.2 g water, 21.5 g protein, 2.5 g fat, 0.7 g sugar, 11 mg calcium, 190 mg phosphorus, 1.5 mg iron, carotene 0, thiamine 0.03 mg, riboflavin 0.09 mg, niacin 8.0 mg, vitamin C-, vitamin A-, crude fiber 0, ash 1.1 g

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