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When building or expanding a feed plant, from the design of to the mechanical layout, we need to consider the advanced processing technology, feed formula and feeding requirements choose reasonable processing technology and equipment, to achieve economic cost, security and practical.

Two Types of Feed Plant Design

Feed plant construction design is basically steel structure and reinforced concrete structure two forms. The advantages and disadvantages of the two types of plant structure are different. For designers, the choice of plant structure should be based on the investment cost, the convenience of steel source and steel consumption, the scale of feed plant, the surrounding environment and habits and other factors.

steel structure feed plant design and layout

Steel Structure Feed Plant

It suits for building low investment with small production rate, lower than the reinforced concrete factory building is about 20% - 30%, construction speed is quick, general need only 3 -4 months, plant or equipment installation can continue process arrangement is more flexible. However, the disadvantage is that the service life is not as long as that of reinforced concrete. feed plant quotation

Reinforced concrete structure feed plant

Reinforced Concrete Structure Feed Plant

Its one-time investment cost high and large production, construction speed is slow, need 6 months construction time commonly. In addition, the equipment cannot be installed at the same time, but the layout of the workshop is easy to achieve the air struggle, and the safety performance is higher.

The construction of a feed plant, regardless of its size and production variety, must be integrated design. The factory plant, equipment, road, pipeline and ancillary equipment are combined to form a complete feed plant which has a reliable supply of raw materials, effective feed production line, power supply, water supply and sales markets, at the same time, has the good investment environment, both inside and outside.

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