Feed Pellet Mill Common Failures & Solution Methods

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Feed pellet mill (also known as pelletizing machine) belongs to feed pelletizing equipment. It’s a feed processing machinery that process corn, soybean meal, straw, straw, rice husk etc crushed material directly into pellet.

Feed pellet mill for sale

feed pellet mill for sale

Feed pellet mill divide into ring die pellet mill, flat die pellet mill and roller pellet mill.

  • Classified by application: small household pellet mill, small poultry pellet feed mill, fish pellet mill…etc.
  • Classified by production: straw wheat bran, soybean meal, corn stalk pellet mill, sawdust pellet machine.

Feed pellet mill common failures &solution methods

It is widely applicable to large, medium and small aquaculture, grain feed processing plants, livestock, poultry, individual, small and medium-sized farms and feed processing plant.

  • Why my feed pelle mill production is low / no pellet coming out?
  • Failures Solutions
    1. Die hole is not smooth for the first use;
    2. Material moisture content is too high or too low;
    3. The gap between the roller and the die is too large or wear out;
    4. The v-belt slips or age;
    1. Lubricate with oily materials;
    2. Adjust material moisture content;
    3. Adjust the compression bolt;
    4. Tighten or replace the v-belt;
  • The pellets contain too much powder?
  • Failures Solutions
    1. Raw material is low moisture content;
    2. The die wear out or the thickness is too thin;
    1. Increase water content;
    2. Replace the new die;
  • Why the surface of the pellets is rough?
  • Failures Solutions
    1. Raw material moisture content is high;
    2. First time use of the die;
    1. Reduce water content;
    2. Regrind with the oily material;

Above are the common failures and solutions of feed pellet mill. When you buy our product, you can rest assured to enjoy the installation and production. All problems will be solved timely after sales. If you are interested in setting up a feed mill plant, we also offer quality one-stop service.

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