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The increasing demand of high cattle feed has brought increase in the demand for cattle feed plants. More and more business are setting up mini, small and medium-sized cattle feed plant. In fact, buying and setting up cattle feed plant does not have to be difficult. However, it’s important to be cautious since many small cattle feed plants come with some shortcomings; for instance, some have a poor technology process, shabby equipment and produce low quality cattle feed.

On the other hand, the cost of putting up more advanced factory can be prohibitive, it’s quite expensive. The good thing is now there is the solution to this problem. ABC Machinery has come up with a new kind of cattle feed plant. The main purpose of this innovation is to lower the cattle feed plant cost. This will give businesses the opportunity to buy and set up more affordable cattle feed plants.

cattle feed plant set up

The purpose of cattle feed processing

  • Processed cattle feed is necessary for the good health of animals. These feeds give animals the necessary nutrients and minerals. There are several compelling reasons why cattle feed processing is important. The major components of any animal feed that are processed include grains and roughage.
  • Processing grains such as sorghum, barley, wheat, maize, wheat, and triticale improves digestibility by about 15%. This means less material passes through the animal for fermentation and odor production. Commodities classified as roughage include straw, hay, silage and whole cottonseed.
  • Feed processing alters the physical (and at times chemical) nature of feeds. It optimizes the utilization of feed by animals and enhances mixing and stability of the animal diet.
  • Animal feed is processed to change the moisture content of the feed. This makes the feed safe for storage, improves palatability and digestibility and also prepares the feed for other processes such as flaking, rolling and steaming.

Capacity(Ton/Day) 3Ton, 5Ton, 20Ton....
Machine Cost $80,000~$570,000 (price vary according to machine configuration and capacity)

Processing animal feed changes the density or weight per unit of volume of the feed. This is important since it reduces transportation costs. A low cattle feed plant cost goes a long way in reducing the overall cost of production and maintenance of the plant. Processing also increases the surface area for digestive enzymes and microbes to work on thus improving the overall utilization of the feed by the animals. By altering the particle size, animal feed processing makes the feed easier to consume. Most importantly, animal feed processing makes it easy for one person to handle a bigger number of animals.

cattle feed making process

Preparation before animal feed processing

The operational conditions of the animal feed processor are different and will depend on the type of feed that one wants to make. The following instructions are for reference only

  • 1. Manual or computer software : This is used to attain the optimal nutritional level of the formulated feed.
  • 2. Feed the whole grains to the processor and grind them to the appropriate size.
  • 3. Batching: Weigh the various feed ingredients using the batch scale and feed them into the scale hopper
  • 4. Mixing: Mix each batch of feed uniformly. The mixing time will depend on the characteristics of the ingredients and the feed formulation.
  • 5. Pelleting: The uniformly blended ingredients are fed into the pellet machine
  • 6. Cooling and sifting: Feed the hot pellet into the pellet cooling machine. Cooled pellets should then flow directly into the screening machine.
  • 7. Packing and warehousing: Weigh, pack and seal the pellets for storage in the warehouse.
  • I am interested in a pellet mill from making cattle feed, with a 10mm pellet size. Capacity required is 1 x 4tph and 1 x 16 tph. Please send a machinery proposal.
  • Can you provide more information? What are your ingredients? Raw material water content? Your local voltage?....These can help me better provide you with the feed solution.
  • Interested in knowing what the price of a small pellet line would be? I intend on using it to make feed for cattle, sheep, goats and possibly rabbits.
  • What's the capacity do you need?
    What raw material do you have?
    What is the local voltage?
    Does the material need a hammer mill?
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