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What are cattle feed pellet?

Cattle feed production process is an all-inclusive pellet form feed ideal for cattle reared for meat and milk. Rich in nutrients, minerals and proteins, cattle feed pellet is instrumental in enhancing milk and beef production as well as overall health of the livestock.

Ingredients for making cattle feed pellet

The feed can be made using ingredients such as oil cakes, and agro-residues like maize straw, wheat bran, grass, grain, cereals...etc.

how to make cattle feed

Cattle Feed Production Process

As stated earlier the production of cattle feed pellet with the key operations in the production process being: preparation of the raw materials, crushing, mixing, and pelleting and pellets packaging.

  1. First, the raw ingredients are stored in silos where they are readied for further processing. Then crushed by hammer mill into powder. The crushed mixture is separated using a sieve and subsequently stored in the dividing tanks based on the type of raw materials.
  2. The next step is mixing the raw materials, and this is done using a feed mixer. This process is crucial as fatty ingredients are supplemented to the ingredients for the purpose of improving the overall nutritional value of the product.
  3. The assorted feed which at this point after crushed is introduced to a feed pellet mill which forms the pellets.
  4. The last thing to do is to package the finished cattle feed pellets.
hammer mill quotation

Main cattle feed production machinery

  • Feed hammer mill, utilized for crushing the raw materials into feed powder.
  • Feed mixer also known as the feed mixing machine, adequately mixes the crushed materials to enhance the uniformity of the constituents.
  • Additionally known as feed pellet mill is the key piece of equipment in this production process. Our salesman will offer you the best recommendation based on your capacity requirements.
  • Feed pellet packaging and weighing machine for weighing the pellets and packing them uniformly.
  • Other machinery required might be such as a pellet cooler, grease adding machine...but prevalent in automatic cattle feed plant.

Advantages of cattle feed pellet production

  • From a manufacturer’s point of view, the benefits include diminished segregation of assorted feedstuff, enhanced bulk density, improved handling characteristics and reduced dustiness.
  • For farmers, making your own cattle feed is not only cheaper compared to buying, but it also reduces wastage around the farm, as the leftover can be utilized as raw materials for the feed.
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