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Animals' lives are just as delicate as that of human beings. Domesticated animals to be specific, require serious and undivided attention from us during their early period of growth. Anyang Best Machinery is an animal feed plant manufacturer that ideally majors on designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining feed mill plant. We also do production of feed pellet machines and feed mill plant for poultry, livestock and aquaculture such as chicken, cattle and fish...etc. As a company, we therefore strive to give you the best feeds for your animals and loved pets because we recognise how important and valuable they are.

As a lead animal feed plant manufacturer, as a way to maintain high standards of production within our company and keep customer's trust in us, we are always committed to creating value and satisfying a customer's needs. Fast answers to your requirements and an always online presence, our main aim is to serve you first in win win cooperation.

animal feed plant manufacturer

As an animal feed plant manufacturer, we got many products within our premises that help us serve you in the most unique way. Let us have a look at some of these products that keep us moving.

1.Feed machinery is required in the pelleting process

It includes all kinds of feed plant machinery from cleaning to packaging. During production, various types of equipments are reasonably arranged according to actual needs so that each equipment can fully play its role in production.

Other auxiliary feed plant machines in the factory are feed extruder,pellet crumble and grease adding machine.

2.The completed feed feed mill plant

Feed refers to the general term for the good of animals. During this stage, there are mainly four processes involved before we can get the packed product. The processes are namely:

completed feed pellet mill plant process

Our Services

As a company that has got customers from all the continents, we offer,in addition, quality services to our customers. We provide clients with comprehensive consulting services throughout the life cycle of the project. Some of the consulting services include project survey and prepurchase evaluation, technical consultation, project cost estimate, risk assessment and after sale services.

feed pellet plant manufacturer

Why should you chose us?

We are an animal feed plant manufacturer that complete turn key projects to meet your requirements and expectations. We strive to produce high quality products with low prices and superior after sales services. We not only offer solutions but also work them out practically for our clients. We sum up all those with sufficient project managerial experience to help our clients grow,gradually but steadily.

ABC is your ideal partner in animal feed and animal feed plant. We care for you because we value you and want the best for you and your animals.

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