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Nigeria's livestock products mainly include eggs, chicken, beef and mutton, pork and milk. The chart below shows the current consumption of different types of meat on the African market and shows the increasing consumption of poultry products.

poultry industry in nigeria

Increasing Consumption of Poultry Products

In the early days of independence, Nigeria was an agricultural country, and many agricultural products, such as cotton and peanuts, took the lead in the world. With the rise of the oil industry, agricultural production has been declining. Since the 1980s, agriculture's share of GDP has fallen to about 20 per cent. Agriculture accounted for 40.2% of GDP in 2011. The country now has about 300,000 square kilometers of arable land, accounting for 32.3 percent of the country's total area. Rural population accounts for 70% of the national total. The main agricultural production areas are concentrated in the north, and the main food crops are sorghum, millet, corn and wheat. Rice and cassava are grown mainly in south-central China. Agricultural production capacity has been improved. In 2001, grain production was about 100,000 tons, and in 2011, about 177,000 tons. Food is not self-sufficient and still needs to be imported annually. The main import agricultural products are rice and cotton, and the main export agricultural products are cassava, cocoa and cashews.

Our business trip is to visit client in Nigeria and get to know the local poultry and feed industry. We hope to expand our business in Nigeria market and find more opportunities for cooperation. We provide the technology of a complete turnkey project for poultry feed plant building.

Visit Poultry Feed Production Client In Nigeria

One of our customers located in Lagos, he breeds different variety of poultry in farms, is mainly engaged in poultry breeding and chicken products processing, product sales to the fast food chain company in Nigeria.

poultry feed production in Nigeria

In Ibadan, We met livestock production customers and visited places where he planned to set up livestock feed plant.

Ibadan livestock feed plant client

planning to build livestock feed plant

In Enugu, We attended the local animal husbandry exhibition. The picture shows the scene of our interview. You maybe also interested in: How to Start A Poultry Feed Mill in Nigeria?

Nigeria exhibition

poultry industry exhibition

  • We also went to see other poultry production clients in Iseyin, Asaba...etc different place, We make unremitting efforts to build an international brand of feed mill plant manufacturers.

poultry production clients

The end of our trip to Nigeria from March 14 to March 28, 2018 has strengthened our confidence in opening up the poultry feed production in Nigeria. Don't hesitate to contact us. We are glad to cooperate with you on the feed project.

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