ABC Machinery start cattle feed business in india

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India is a large country in the world for beef cattle breeding, which has ranked the first in the world for years, it is the world's largest exporter of beef after Australia and the United States. Cattle remain an important part of India's economy, this is why we start cattle feed business in Indian market. The following photo shows our latest production equipment for cattle feed plant machinery sent to India.

cattle feed plant machinery sent to India

Cattle Feed Machinery is Being Packed

cattle feed machinery

Fixed the Equipment Ensures Transportation

cattle feed business in India

The container will sent to India

Feed Industry Analysis in India

The size of India's animal feed industry is expected to double in 5 years to $30 billion, among them, feed fields such as poultry, cattle and aquaculture are the main driving factors. As multinational companies began to focus on India's market, India in the feed industry must improve production and focus on the question of the quality of the products, to make full use of the compound feed growing demand. India's feed industry is growing at a compound annual rate of 8 %. It is estimated that India's demand for animal protein and milk will increase the consumption of animal feed to 28 million tons to 2018.

feed industry in India

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