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Have you ever wondered how much money it costs to set up a poultry farm? Well, this cost analysis has been written detail and can tell you approximately what your poultry farm setup cost will be.

It might be pretty cheap to start up a backyard poultry farm. This will only require having a poultry cage, a good system for feeding and watering your birds, and a warm and secure place for them to sleep. If you want to launch a complete poultry farm you will need many kinds of supplies, tools, and equipment. Some of these things include:

poultry farm setup cost

Detailed Analysis for Poultry Farm Setup Cost

  • 1. Land- You will need to purchase a plot of land that is sufficient for farming. Land can be cheaper in residential areas so you will usually be able to get one at a reasonable price.
  • 2. Costs of Construction- After you pick out your preferred plot of land your next step will be construction.
  • 3. Chicks- Your next major expense will be purchasing your initial supply of chicks to launch your farm with. A beginner will need to purchase some from already established poultry farmers. The number of chicks you need will depend on how big your chicken coop is and the size of your farm.
  • 4. Poultry Equipment- The cost depends on your feed plant machinery and the size of your farm. You will need hatchery equipment is you want to hatch and sell chicks. You will need meat processing equipment if you want to process and sell meat.
  • 5. Feeding- This will be the most costly expense for your business. The amount of productivity and growth your birds provide depends on how well they are fed. Birds need specific blends of feed for various stages of their lives.
  • 6. Cost of Labor- You will have a difficult time starting a commercial poultry farm all by yourself. Hiring people to assist your would be a lot better, you will need to pay them though. Your initial labor costs will be at least $1,000. This varies country by country.
  • Other Expenses- Insurance, electricity, transportation, selling, security, and distribution costs also need to be accounted for in your business budget.

You need to research and carry out a feasibility study to find out how much your business expenses are in accurate detail.

In the country of Nigeria, you can get a great plot of land to be able to start your farm on for N600,000 that is about $3,500. You should be able to get a great plot of farmland between $3,500 and $5,000 in any country that you want to start your farm in. You may be able to get it for even cheaper in some countries. For your interest: How to Start Poultry Feed Mill in Nigeria?

  • I have 100,000 chickens, and my budget is limited for now, i need to setup a poultry feed mill to meet my daily needs.
  • One chicken can eat 0.15kg/d of feed pellets, generally a 6TPH poultry feed mill can meet your requirement.
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