how to start a small chicken farm

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If you want to create a small chicken farm business for chickens and meat then you have just stumbled upon the right article. Creating a chicken farm business and selling millions is not as easy as it looks, there are a couple of things that you would need to consider before you get started on creating your own feed farm.

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Here are Tips on How to Start A Small Chicken Farm

how to start a small chicken farm

Understand the laws

First thing is to understand the local and state laws that govern the sales and operation of a poultry. Some states require that chicken meat be processed within an approved facility by the regulation authorities. Some smaller poultry operations might be able to bypass these regulatory bodies by selling to restaurants and individual buyers in smaller quantities. And you can sell these chickens directly to the public as long as it is being sold from the farm.

Poultry Training

You might have to connect with an expert in chicken breeding field, connect with some poultry owners raising different kinds of chicken. This is a good place to start gathering solid information, ask a lot of questions about how they raise their chickens, pasture versus confined environment, how to take care of baby chicks and keeping all the chicken as healthy as they can be and big, these are some of the questions that you can ask.

Market Knowledge

Getting to know who your market is the next step. Market research takes a lot of time and must be done patiently. It can be the most important part of your business. Understanding your customers, what they need and how to satisfy that need is crucial for your success. Will they come to the farm or will you have to invest in a logistics arm for your business? What are your buying options… hotels, restaurants, bars?

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Create A Good Business Plan

Once the research has been done and you have sufficient detail business plan about your market. Some questions to ask, how many layers and boilers to start with? What is the market share? What kind of feed plant machienry? You can consult a financial expert to help out with your financial projections and cost analysis.

Grow the Chicks

Having a good vet helps to provide adequate information on keeping your chicks healthy. Ensure that the temperature is always ideal for the chicks, monitor illnesses and provide the best food for them.

Sell the Chicks

If your marketing plan was done excellently well then selling your stock should not be an issue, you can focus down on the target market that you would like to focus on, restaurants, hotels, clubs etc. There are also online and offline solutions to marketing, building a following has helped other brands to tap into a consumer market.

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