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Formulation of your own poultry feed is now the desired method by many of the small scale farmers. In order to formulate your own poultry feed you will require all the ingredients and equipments to begin. There are certain factors to consider on how to make poultry feed.

make poultry feed

Quality of raw materials

You should always be aware of the quality of materials poultry feed formulation. The poultry are easily infected with mycotoxins in grains. Some farmers love shortcuts and give rotten maize to the chicks, you should not use it in making of poultry feeds. Rotten maize or corns carry mycotoxins that can affects human beings if they eat the eggs or poultry meat.


Micro-nutrients should not be mixed up directly with the poultry feed. Mix up the amino acids and probiotics before mixing it with the feeds.

Feed machinery

poultry feed machinery

poultry feed make process

If you are doing a homemade poultry feed formulation, you do not have the right sets of machines. You can use a drum to act as a mixer while mixing the ingredients and micro-nutrients. Shovels give an optimal ingredients mixture hence, you should avoid using it.

poultry feed machinery price

Chicken Feed Pellet Pig Feed Pellet
chicken: ≤4mm
spent chicken: ≤6mm
broiler chicken: <1.2mm
piggy: <1.0mm
fattening pig: <2.0mm
sow: ≤2.5mm


Most of the poultry feed are expensive if bought in small quantities. You can join together as small scale farmers and contribute some cash to purchase the feeds or you can divide the ingredients for each person such as the pre-mixes used in formulation. It lighten the cost of purchase.


There might exist a lab testing facility in your location that offers to test poultry feeds. You can visit it if you want to improve on the quality of the poultry feed. They will test the optimal amount of ingredients that have been used to prepare the feed. It will help produce more poultry foods that will last in the market .

With the above factors, a small scale, medium-sized and large complete farmer can earn more from the produce as the ideas are simplified. It is easier to make your poultry feed but it requires guidance to achieve the best. To learn more about poultry feed, the following quick link is for your reference. We can also provide a complete set of services from design to installation.

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