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Quality chicken feed helps avert poor growth in chicken, and one should avoid feeding their stock with poor quality feed. This also ensures that there is high egg production and alleviates the risk of diseases and deaths as well. Making chicken feed on the farm does not only maintain quality but also cuts on production costs. All of these ensure that the chicken have a diet that is not only balanced but also one which meets daily nutrient requirement.

How to Make Chicken Feed



Chick is the most vigorous growth period of chicken is also the most critical period. Higher levels of protein and amino acids are needed in the diet to stimulate the appetite of chicks and to help develop the digestive and immune systems. Due to the small age of chicks, the digestive enzymes in the digestive tract are less species, low content, poor digestion and absorption of feed. Therefore, the feed formulations include corn 55.3%, soybean meal 38%, calcium phosphate 1.4%, stone powder 1%, salt 0.3%, vegetable oil 3% and compound additive 1%.

grower chicken


It is the most critical period for the growth of bones and muscles, requiring high protein level as well as high energy. The reference feed formula is: 57.2% corn, 32% soybean meal, 4% cottonseed meal, 1.5% calcium phosphate, 1% stone powder, 0.3% salt, 3% vegetable oil, 1% compound additive.

layer chicken

Layer Chicken

During this period, layers need to eat enough energy and nutrients such as protein to meet their physiological needs. In addition, the formation of eggshells requires a lot of calcium. Guarantee sufficient nutrition supply, strive to extend the egg production peak, give full play to its production performance. Feed formula: 60.2% corn, 33% soybean meal, 1.4% calcium hydrophosphate, 1.1% stone powder, 0.3% salt, 3% vegetable oil, 1% compound additive.

how to make broiler feed


The increased intake and adaptability of chickens is the peak of growth. They have a strong ability to absorb and transform nutrients, and they are gaining weight every day .Feed should contain lower in protein and higher in energy than the grower stage for rapid weight gain. At this time, the feed formula is: 68.2% corn, 3% wheat bran, 22% soybean meal, 1.3% calcium hydrophosphate, 1.2% stone powder, 0.3% salt, 3% vegetable oil, 1% compound additive.

As farmers strive to cut on production costs by making their own chicken feed, they should take note of the following; for more than 500 chickens, they should prepare one ton(14 bags) at once. They should multiply all ingredients by 14 to achieve this. Rotten maize pose the risk of aflatoxin to chicken, therefore they should avoid rotten maize like plaque. Also note that feeds should last only for one month to maintain freshness and for chicken safety.

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