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Usually, feed production consists of raw material receiving, crushing, mixing, pellet making, packing etc 5 steps, a lot of feed manufacturing equipment and auxiliary machinery will be used, the feed production and processing will change according to the characteristics of raw material and finished product requirements.The domestic animal feed production is crushing first then mixing.

Feed Manufacturing Equipment Mainly Includes

Raw material receiving

Raw material storage usually adopts steel structure, carbon steel structure or concrete structure, it has small area, high degree of mechanization which can guarantee the quality of materials. Before mixing the feed, the sand, dust, straw, iron and other impurities in the raw materials should be removed to ensure the safe production of the feed manufacturing equipment, reduce the loss of equipment and improve the production environment.

Hammer Mill

It is one of the most basic and important process components of feed plant. A hammer mill grinding the particle size of raw material according to the requirements of the product features, animal growth needs in order to control the fineness and quality of the finished product, in order to achieve the ideal effect. The power consumption of crushing part accounts for 30% ~ 50% of the total power consumption of the whole feed production plant.

hammer mill
hammer mill

Feed Mixer

Mixing means that under external force, various materials infiltrate each other, so that the particles of each component are evenly distributed in any volume. Mixing is an important process to ensure the quality of feed pellets. The production of mash feed goes directly into the packaging section, and the production of granule goes into the pelleting section.

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Ring Die Pellet Mill

In the feed industry, the process of forming powder feedstuff or powder feedstuff through water and heat and through mechanical compression and forced polymerization through die hole is defined as granulation. The most commonly used feed machine is also called ring die pellet mill. The size of particles after extrusion can be adjusted by adjusting the clearance of the press roller.

ring die pellet mill


Pellet cooler is the main equipment for cooling and dehumidifying pellet after granulation. Pellet feed temperature is about 60 ~ 90 ° C, moisture about 14% ~ 15%. The pellets are soft, easy to fracture and metamorphism, the finished product moisture content should be10% ~ 13%, the temperature dropped to near room temperature 3 ~ 5 ° C to packaging, transport and safety storage.

Packing Machine

Finished product packaging includes automatic packaging and manual packaging.The commonly used packaging machines include quantitative weighing scales, filling machines, sewing machines and conveyor belts.

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