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Chicken feed making machine is divided into ring die pellet mill, flat die pellet mill according to appearance and feeding form. It is a feed processing machine that directly presses the granule after stirring with corn, soybean meal, straw and grass in proportion to certain ingredients. It is also named according to the classification of main ingredient production.

chicken feed making machine

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Chicken feed making machine application

  • Widely used in large, medium and small feed processing plant;
  • Large, medium and small livestock, poultry and individual farms feed production;
  • And can process grass, straw granules and inorganic fertilizer granules;
  • It can also be applied to pelleting coarse fiber such as: wood chips, rice husks, cotton rods, cotton-seed husks, weeds, etc.

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How to make chicken feed?

The feed of chicken should not be too fine, because chicken likes to eat granule material or broken grain material, can be coarse and fine collocation is used. Rice grains and broken rice can be directly added into the mixer in granular form. Wheat and barley should be crushed with a fineness of less than 2.5mm. Corn, brown rice and soybean cake should be processed into mash feed.

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