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Starting a chicken feed factory in your location can be the greatest idea. A chicken feed factory does not necessarily mean that it has to be a large business. It is termed a factory if all the requirements to produce the feeds are available and all the chicken feeds ingredients are available. Below are some factors that makes your business to be termed as a chicken feed factory.

Machinery in A Chicken Feed Factory

It is the most important part in a factory. In feed plant machinery, the feeds undergo various procedure in order to produce the best feed.

poultry feed machinery

  • A feed hammer mill whose function is grinding all feed types. The grinded feeds are then taken to the feed mixer which is double layered that uses mechanical force and gravity to combine various materials. Also, its surface area can easily increased to allow chemical reaction to take place.
  • After mixing the feed, they are taken to the ring die feed pellet mill which is the main feed processing machine. It determines on the quality of the fed processing output.
  • The pellets are then pushed to the pellet cooler machine whose purpose is to cool the high temperatures pellets. Its cooling time is approximately 6 to 10 minutes.
  • Once that is over, the pellets are then moved to the pellet packing machine which is again divided into big and small packaging. It will ease your packing job in the factory for easy transportation.
  • You should also have auxiliary equipments to ease work division. Some of the equipments include the pellet crumbler, the feed extruder, and the grease adding machine which has various functions and purposes.

A complete feed mill plant for chicken

The chicken feed including the fish meal and other feeds are again classified in different composition. It starts from the premix which are then mixed with protein feed which becomes the concentrate feed. The feed is then added to the energy feed to produce the complete formula feed that is now composed of all the nutrients

Chicken feed factory manufacturing process

chicken feed factory manufacturing process

The feed plant undergoes a lot of procedures to produce the feed. The chicken feed is first received to remove impurities, crushed to the required fineness, mixing the feed according to the required formula, pelleting, and packing. From the above procedure the feeds are then packed and transported to various parts of the country.

We ABC machinery specialize in the production of chicken and other poultry feed equipment. A good factory also has to satisfy the customer demands and maintain a good hygiene to produce good feeds quality. It requires capital and a piece of land to begin a stable and profiting chicken feed factory. With the above methods you can achieve a reliable factory.

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