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What feed does raise beef cattle to grow quickly? How to choose the best feed for beef cattle weight gain? How to mix the cattle feed ration formulation? This article will solve the most concerned problems, let beef cattle raising scientific and fast!

how to feed beef cattle for weigh gain

  • Forage for Beef Cattle Raising

Forage feed is characterized by rich nutrients, high crude protein content up to 12% ~ 25%, good palatability, easy to digest. The quality of legume forage is better than gramineous forage and vegetable forage. The forage commonly used to feed cattle is weevil, corn leaf, cauliflower, cabbage, sweet potato vine, peanut vine, wild grass, sugarcane tail, carrot …etc.

  • Silage for Beef Cattle Feeding

Silage is succulent fresh green feed, such as corn stalk, sugar cane, sweet potato vine, peanut vine, elephant grass, sweet potato and other chopped, sealed storage in silo, trenches, or tower, made by lactic acid fermentation. It can not only maintain the nutritional value of green feed, improve the suitability of raw materials, but also adjust the balanced supply of green feed, which is a good feed for cattle.

  • Concentrate Feed for Beef Cattle Growing

Because coarse feed cannot meet the nutritional needs of beef cattle completely, to ensure the profit of raising cattle, we need to make beef cattle grow fast, we need to feed concentrated feed.

Best Beef Cattle Feed for Weight Gain

The comprehensive nutrition of concentrated feed directly affects the growth and development of beef cattle. Concentrate including:

  • Energy feed such as corn, sorghum, barley, accounts for about 60% - 70%
  • Protein feed including bean cake (meal), cotton seed cake (meal), peanut cake, etc., about 20% - 25%
  • Mineral feed including bone powder, salt, baking soda, trace elements (constant), vitamin additives, which typically concentrate of 3% - 5%), trace elements and vitamins.

In order to achieve faster fattening speed and accelerate the beef cattle out of the stockade, farmers can add feed additives to the concentrate feed in proportion. The experiment proves that the beef cattle growth speed increases by more than 15%.

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