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We often receive an inquiry from customers who would like to purchase machines for making animal feed pellets for chicken, duck, goose, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs and ribbit others in their farm. The potential customers will ask for the animal feed pellet machine price and specifications, so that they can check whether they have sufficient funds and the capacity of the machine and other features are adequate for their requirement. Like all machinery, the price of the feed pellet machine depends to a large extent on the production capacity . 

Our ring die feed pellet mill model number has a different capacity and features. Customers are usually selecting the machine according to production capacity they require.

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Farmers and others breeding animals can bring their own feed material to us, we offer service to find out if it is suitable for making animal feed. Depending on the space available, capacity, budget, there are different types of feed mills available like the small feed pellet production line and feed mill plant different design.
animal feed pellets

Advantages of Our Animal Feed Pellet Machine

  • The machine for making pellet type feed is designed using the latest technology developed in foreign countries. It is specially suitable for small farmers and others who have a limited quantity of livestock like cattle, pigs, ducks, chicken in their farm.
  • It allows the length and thickness of the feed pellet to be adjusted conveniently according to the requirement of the customer. During the manufacturing, the pellet is cured completely, so the feed is easily digested by poultry, who absorb the nutrients easily.
  • As the water content of the feed is low, it can be easily transported and stored.
  • Using this feed mill, the wastage of feed material is reduced and time is also saved.

All our pellet mill machines are CE certified sale at factory prices with a guarantee of quality and are widely used worldwide. We have passed the national agricultural machinery subsidy requirements, so farmers who wish to purchase the machines can avail of the subsidy and greatly reduce the investment required for producing animal feed.

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